LogLite tool

The EVE Online client contains a diagnostic tool called EVE LogLite which allows players to capture advanced client side logs. These logs can prove useful to the Player Experience Team when assisting users to diagnose problems with the client.

The LogLite tool should be run before starting the game client. To start the tool, please follow the steps below: 

Windows and macOS 

  1. Start the EVE Launcher. 
  2. Click on the Cogwheel icon in the top right corner of the launcher.
  3. Then select Tools / Cache and click on Start Loglite under Debug Tools.
    1. When dealing with an intermittent issue you can check the Run LogLite with game client to make sure you catch it when it happens.

Once loglite is running you can log into your account and character. Once the game client starts you should see the LogLite tool fill up with information from the client. After you encounter the issue please click File > Save as..., locate where you saved it and attach it to your ticket on our Help Center.

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