Recruit a Friend

The Recruit a Friend Program allows players to send invitations to friends, family, and fellow gamers so they can register a free EVE Online Alpha account, and receive a reward for their referral.

Please note that specific Terms and Conditions apply to the Recruit a Friend Program and it is advised to read them before using the program. The Terms and Conditions can be found on the program page.


Reward Structure

A recruiter collects rewards for both each new recruit, as well as the total number of accounts he recruited.

For each recruit the inviter can receive:

15 Days of Omega Game Time

First time the new recruit buys 
1+ Month of Omega Game Time through the Account Management Site.

4 x 24hr Accelerators

First time the new recruit buys
 PLEX (any amount).


For the total number of new recruits that upgrade
 to Omega, the recruiter will receive:

Unique Triglavian Apparel

For 1 upgraded recruit

Pacifier and unique SKIN

For 2 upgraded recruits

30 days of Omega time

For 5 upgraded recruits

Enforcer and unique SKIN

For 10 upgraded recruits

2000 PLEX

For 20 upgraded recruits

Marshal and unique SKIN

For 40 upgraded recruits


Claiming the rewards

PLEX rewards are added to the accounts PLEX Vault.

Omega Time rewards will be directly credited to the inviting account, and added to any existing Omega time.

All other rewards are added to the redeeming system of the account that sent the invites, once the conditions are met. Please note that there may be up to 24 hours delay between qualifying for a reward and it being added to the redeeming system.





What do you mean by „eligible“ payment?

Only the payments a new recruitee makes directly through our account website will trigger the rewards for the inviter.

This means that upgrading with PLEX, 3rd party codes or any other payment method will not create a reward.

If a new recruit upgrades his account with an ineligible payment, the system will simply ignore it and wait for an eligible payment. So if a new recruit first upgrades with a 3rd party code it will not result in a reward, but the first time a payment is made through our website, the appropriate reward will be created.


I‘ve already invited 40 friends. Now what?

Our reward structure currently maxes out at 40 friends. All recruits after the 40th only create the individual reward, and are not a part of the total recruits reward structure.

However, we will monitor the program and further rewards may be added at a later time.


What if my friend wants to create his new account via Steam?

While existing Steam accounts can send invites to others and get rewards, it is not possible to create an account linked to Steam through an invite.


Why can‘t I send the email from the website anymore? Now I have to copy the link and send it myself.

Due to GDPR policies, we can no longer send an email on your behalf to a 3rd party, not even to your friend. You receive an invitation link instead, which can be shared on social media or sent out privately. This invite link does not expire and can be used for all your recruits.


I‘ve already sent my old invitation link to all my friends. Can they still use it to sign up?

Invitation links created before July 11th will continue to work fine, however it must be stressed that new recruits MUST join via a recruitment link in order for their recruiter to be eligible for the rewards from the new recruitment program.


Other questions not covered in this FAQ

Should some issue appear that is not addressed here, please submit a ticket with your concerns and we‘ll be happy to assist you.

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