Factional Warfare

The four main empire factions employ militias to try and secure control over certain regions in low security space. These militias are in a state of constant war with each other, with 2 empires being allies on each side: Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic vs. Amarr Empire and Caldari State. The milita corporations for each empire are:

  • Amarr Empire: 24th Imperial Crusade
  • Caldari State: State Protectorate
  • Gallente Federation: Federal Defence Union
  • Minmatar Republic: Tribal Liberation Force

Individual capsuleers may join one of these militias through the Militia Office located in stations owned by a corporation that is a member of the faction they wish to join, as long their standings with that faction are not negative. CEOs may sign up their whole corporation to Factional Warfare, and the executor of an alliance may do so on behalf of the alliance. While individual pilots can join and leave the militias at any time, corporations and alliances will have to wait some time before they are joined into the warfare and may fight on behalf of their chosen empire.

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