Factional Warfare


The four main empires of New Eden employ militias to secure control over regions in Low Security space. These militias are in a state of constant war with each other, with two empires being allies on each side: Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic versus the Amarr Empire and Caldari State.

As the empires wage war across the systems, Capsuleers who have pledged their services to a side will shape the future battlefields and earn valuable Loyalty Points.


Choosing your Empire


Opening the Faction Warfare menu from your Neocom will allow unaffiliated Capsuleers to enlist with the empire of their choice. The militia corporations for each empire are:

  • Amarr Empire: 24th Imperial Crusade
  • Caldari State: State Protectorate
  • Gallente Federation: Federal Defence Union
  • Minmatar Republic: Tribal Liberation Force

Individual Capsuleers may join one of these militias through the Militia Office located in stations owned by a corporation that is a member of the faction they wish to join, if their standings with that faction are not negative. CEOs may sign up their whole corporation to Factional Warfare, and the executor of an alliance may do so on behalf of the alliance. While individual pilots can join and leave the militias at any time, corporations and alliances will have to wait some time before they are joined into the warfare and may fight on behalf of their chosen empire.

Once an entity has joined Factional Warfare, players of the opposite faction will be allowed to engage and destroy pilots that travel into their High-Security space as well as any Low-Security space without interference from CONCORD or gate guns, and the aggressing pilots will not receive a Suspect Timer or Criminal Timer.


Fighting for your Empire

The Warzone Control tab shows every system currently being fought over by your empire and their opposing faction. Clicking on an individual system on the map will reveal its status, who has the advantage, and tasks that Capsuleers can complete to affect the advantage bar to ultimately claim the system for their faction.

Systems in Factional Warfare Warzones can have different operational states which are as follows:

  • Frontline - Adjacent to an enemy-controlled star system, the heart of the battle which will also provide pilots with the highest level of reward
  • Command Operations - Adjacent to a Frontline system, vital for strategic supremacy with standard LP rewards
  • Rearguard - When none of the above apply, a relative safe zone in the fierce battle that is Factional Warfare

The operational state of the Factional Warfare system will determine its properties such as specific system effects, spawning of sites, Loyalty Point (LP) rewards, and how many victory points are gained when an empire captures it. For example, any LP earned through activities in a Frontline system are subject to a 50% increase in rewards! Command Operations systems will contain standard LP rewards and specific Command Operations sites which are potentially less dangerous than Frontline systems.




Clicking on a contested system will display the Advantage Tracker on the right side of the Factional Warfare window. The tracker lists the potential objectives Capsuleers can complete in order to gain a terrain advantage through ownership of adjacent Frontline and Command Operations star systems, through the completion of activities and sites in the FW warzone, and by deploying anchorable structures. The more involved and victorious your faction is in the warzone, the greater the effect will be on your side’s victory points.

The objectives available will affect the system in a variety of ways depending on its type.

  • Propaganda Billboards - A deployable structure used to crack transmission frequencies that, once completed, will remove advantage from the opposing faction
  • Supply Cache/Depot - In-space supply depots for the opposing faction that if destroyed will remove advantage from the opposing faction
  • Rendezvous Point - Groups of NPC combatants vulnerable to attack. Upon destroying the commander of the fleet, Advantage will be awarded
  • Operation Center - An exploration site that reveals valuable codes used to build Propaganda Billboards and Listening Outposts

Faction Warfare Rewards

Conquering systems and completing the sites within them will grant the victorious Capsuleers Loyalty Points from their faction. These points can be spent in the Loyalty Point store in exchange for valuable items and blueprints.

The amount of points pilots receive from completing these objectives is affected by the operational state of the system.

  • Frontline systems grant 150% of generated Loyalty Points as rewards.
  • Command Operations systems grant 100% of generated Loyalty Points as rewards.
  • Rearguard Systems grant 50% of generated Loyalty Points as rewards.

Once a site has been completed, all fleet members (up to 5) will receive 25% more Loyalty Points than a solo pilot, as the empires always encourage their members to group together.


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