Jump Clones

Jump Clones are clones which can be placed in stations, structures, and capital ships, allowing players to jump to them without the need to physically travel to their location. Jump clones can be stored with implants which means that players can jump out of a clone with expensive implants installed inside of it to do some risky PvP, then jump back into that clone, thus eliminating the risk involved. Jump Clones can only be installed in a station with medical facilities and structures fitted with a Stand Up Cloning Center.

Additional requirements apply for stations under Triglavian control.

Jump Clones can also be installed on ships that have a Clone Vat Bay module fitted, upon invitation of the ship owner. For NPC stations, a 900k ISK fee will apply upon using any Jump Clones, structure owners can manually set the fee to use that service.  

When a player jumps to another clone, they leave behind the clone they are currently using.




Players can increase the number of jump clones they are able to install by training the Infomorph Psychology and Advanced Infomorph Psychology skills. By default, a player can only jump between clones once every 24 hours, however this time restriction can be reduced through the training of the Infomorph Synchronizing skill. Upwell Structures offer the benefit for players to jump between clones within the Citadel with no time restrictions, if a Standup Cloning Center is installed and online. This however only applies when switching clones within the same Upwell Structure.

Jump Clones available to a player can be seen in the Jump Clones tab of the players' character sheet. It will show the location of the clones, any implants located in the clones and when a player may perform the next jump. In this tab players can also rename their jump clones by clicking 'Rename'. The 'Destroy' button will allow players to destroy the clone. Any implants located in the clone will also be destroyed. The 'Jump' button is used by players to jump to the clone. In order to jump, players need to be in their capsule.

Please note: It is not possible to jump to jump clones located inside wormhole systems except Thera, or to clones located in the Triglavian Region of Pochven.

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