Epic Games Store Accounts and Purchases

Epic integrated EVE Online accounts

When a player adds EVE Online to their game library through the Epic store, an EVE Online account will automatically be created for the player. An account created through the Epic store is considered an "Epic integrated account".  Each Epic player can only have one Eve Online account linked to it.

When EVE Online is launched from the Epic Games library, the player will be automatically logged into the EVE Online account associated with their Epic user account - there is no need to enter a username or a password.

By default, Epic integrated EVE Online accounts do not have traditional usernames & passwords. Instead, they use Epic’s login details for verification.

Epic integrated EVE accounts can log into the account management page by clicking on the white Epic icon in the login window. This will redirect the player to Epic’s login page where they can enter their Epic username and password.

Game time, PLEX and DLC purchased through the Epic store

Any game time, PLEX or DLC packages that are purchased from the Epic Games store will always be delivered to the EVE Online account that was automatically created when EVE Online was added via the Epic store. This account will automatically appear within the account list of the launcher when the game is started through Epic games, The default username starts with "EPIC::", followed by a number.

Special offers available in the Epic Store are only applicable to Epic integrated accounts. They cannot be purchased & applied to standard EVE accounts created directly from the EVE Online webpage.

All purchases made via the Epic Games Store are handled by Epic’s payment system and in cases of payment issues or refunds players will need to contact Epic Support for assistance.

Please note that any purchases made via the Epic store will not be delivered to the player until they have logged into EVE through the Epic Games library.

Refunds and payment issues 

CCP cannot issue refunds for any content purchased via 3rd party providers like the Epic Store. We can also not see why payments may have failed. If you need payment support or want to request a refund, please contact the Epic support team. You can find their support page here and refund instructions here.

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