Payment Issues

Rejected Credit/Debit Card Payments

We accept Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, MasterCard, and JCB credit cards and a variety of Debit Cards that display the logos shown on account management.

Incompatible browser extensions or add-ons can occasionally cause issues with the payment site where it does not allow you to enter your payment details and appears to reload constantly.

In most cases this can be resolved by:

  • Disabling browser extensions
  • Using another browser
  • Using incognito/private mode

If the issue persists, contact your credit card company to see if they are blocking the card in any way that could be causing the payment failure. Our billing servers are located in the UK so it's possible that your card is barred from overseas transactions. Your bank should be able to verify this.

Prepaid and Gift Cards

Most cards of this type do not support overseas payments and are therefore not usable for EVE subscriptions through our website.

If the card issuer confirms this, the prepaid card in question can be associated to a PayPal account and then purchases can be made through Account Management using PayPal as a payment method.

Pending Payments

If a payment process is not completed, or if there are any delays in the payment confirmation, the attempt may remain in a "Pending" status for a few hours before the attempt times out as unsuccessful. This can be checked on the Transaction History page in Account Management.

If the payment was made for a DLC pack that can only be purchased once on an account, it will not be possible to attempt a new purchase of the same DLC pack while the payment is in a "Pending" state. If there just was a delay in the payments confirmation, the pack contents will be delivered once the payment finishes successfully, otherwise the purchase can be attempted again once the "Pending" payment has switched to "Cancelled" or "Failed".

Payment Reversals

If payment for any EVE Online products or services is forcefully refunded to you, whether it was disputed or charged back, it will result in the suspension of the affected account. This can be avoided by getting in touch with the Player Experience Team before disputing any charges. If this happens, please get in touch with us via our Help Center or by emailing us at and we will assist you.

STEAM/Amazon Payment Issues

If any issues arise with payments made through STEAM or Amazon, please get in touch with their respective customer support departments.


If you require any assistance, don't hesitate to contact our Player Experience Team in our Help Center or by sending an email to

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