EVE Academy


The EVE Academy is an invaluable resource for aspiring Capsuleers looking for guidance during their first days in New Eden.

The Academy will lead you through your initial tutorials, character creation, and ship piloting, preparing you for the exciting journey ahead.

As you become more familiar with the mechanics of EVE, the Academy will suggest a range of career choices each with their own set of suggested skill plans and ship fittings tailor made to ensure you are on your way to success.

More detailed information about each of the career paths can be found through the links below:

  • Explorer - Uncover ancient relics and hidden pathways outside of the known universe
  • Enforcer (PVE) - Rise through the ranks and earn your way to the top
  • Soldier of Fortune (PVP) - Compete against other Capsuleers and come out swinging
  • Industrialist - Harvest and harness the building blocks of the universe

Visit the EVE Academy today and begin shaping the New Eden of tomorrow!



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