Mutual War

Mutual Wars differ from normal wars in several points:

  • they are free and do not incur a weekly war bill
  • they do not require a War HQ to be set by either party
  • there is no requirement for either side to be eligible for Wars, a mutual war will remain active even if war eligibility is lost during the war.
  • either side can end the war at will, triggering the normal 24h war cooldown before fighting stops
  • It is not possible to join allies into a mutual war.

Starting a Mutual War

In order to begin a mutual war, a corporation or alliance can send an invitation to the intended war target, and once the target accepts, the mutual war will begin the same way as a normal war and fighting may commence 24 hours later. If an invite to a mutual war is not accepted, it will expire after 30 days, and a corporation or alliance may not have more than 5 outstanding invitations sent.

It is possible for a corporation to automatically reject all invitations to mutual wars by setting the according option within the War tab of the corporation management window.

Mutual wars and alliances

It is possible to join an alliance that is currently involved in a mutual war, unless other factors prevent the joining of the corporation. As with other wars, the joining corporation will be involved in the war immediately as soon as the join up completes, and the corporation becomes an alliance member.

However, a corporation already involved in a mutual war will not be able to apply or join an alliance, and should a corporation become involved in a mutual war while an application to an alliance is outstanding, the application will be suspended until the war is ended.

When leaving an alliance that is involved in a mutual war, or the alliance disbands, the leaving corporations will inherit the mutual war from the alliance in the same manner as a normal war. That mutual war needs to be ended manually if the corporation no longer wishes to participate in it.

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