Alpha Clones and Omega Clone lapsing - Quick Facts

Alpha Clones

  • Alpha clones can re-subscribe in the same session and get all the benefits of an Omega clone without the need to re-log.
  • Players may only have one Alpha client logged in. A logged in client in Alpha state prevents logging in any other client, independent of whether they are Omega or Alpha at the time.

Boosters & Implants

  • Implants are accessible up to maximum Alpha clone skills (Cybernetics Skill III).

  • Implants with Omega clone requirements stay in the clone and give their bonuses but the character will not be able to add more.

  • Lapsed characters with an active booster will see the duration remain the same but cannot activate more boosters as an Alpha clone.


  • Alpha clones can have one unfinished contract active at a time, as they do not have access to the contracting skill that allows for more. However, active contracts will not be cancelled when the Omega state expires, and only the creation of new contracts will be prevented until the account returns to Omega state or all other contracts have finished.


  • Corporations with a CEO that lapses to the Alpha clone status will not see any changes as a side effect.
  • Alpha clones can create corporations.

Fitting & Ships

  • Entosis Links had their prerequisite changed to Infomorph Psychology II, and cannot be used by Alpha clones.
  • Fitting simulation can be used by Alpha clones.
  • Basic Gas Cloud Harvesting can be performed by Alpha clones, as permitted by the limited Gas Cloud Harvesting skill.
  • Modules with Omega clone requirements go offline after lapsing and it is not possible to online them as an Alpha clone.
  • Lapsed Omega clones can still fly their boarded ship and dock. But no skill bonuses will apply to it.
  • Once lapsed Omega clones log in as Alpha clones they won’t be able to board ships they do not meet the skill requirements for.


  • An active job on an Omega clone that has lapsed will remain active and complete normally. However, creating new jobs may not be possible due to the Alpha Skill limitations on the relevant skills.
  • Alpha clones can install manufacturing jobs according to the skills trained and available to them, but they will pay an additional tax.
  • Alpha clones can import materials in Planetary Interaction, however they are not able to export any assets.

Jump Clone

  • Alpha clones can install only one jump clone, but can jump between the ones the character already had during an Omega clone status.
  • Jump clones located in a clone vat bay of a ship owned by a lapsed Omega clones ship are unaffected, but in order to activate the clone vat bay, skills only available in Omega state are required.


  • Market orders remain should the Omega clone status lapse. They however cannot be modified and can only be cancelled.
  • Taxes and fees will increase for lapsed characters because the character will lose Accounting Skills.


  • Alpha clones can donate PLEX to other pilots
  • Using MCT (Multiple Character Training tokens) users can train one additional character per active queue even in the Alpha clone state.


  • Skill Injectors can be used by Alpha clones without restrictions and they will receive the unallocated skill points as normal.
  • An Alpha clone can only apply unallocated skill points into Alpha level skills.
  • Accepted missions will remain unaffected, but limited access to social skills on an Alpha clone may mean that standing requirements are no longer met when requesting new missions
  • After logging in as an Alpha clone the standings will change in accordance with the skill level changes due to the new clone state.

Starbases & Structures

  • Alpha clones can only anchor objects that require Anchoring I, any further level is out of an Alpha clone's reach.
  • General Access rights are not skill related so they will remain the same, should the Omega clone state lapse
  • Alpha Clones do not have access to the fuel bay of a starbase control tower and will not be able to refuel those. However, access to the fuel bay of Upwell Structures, such as Citadels, is not restricted.
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