Ship Attributes in the Fitting Window

The fitting window offers a detailed listing of the ship attributes for the current fitting, categorized into several categories, which can be collapsed as needed:

  • The first line shows the total capacitor capacity, as well as the time needed for a full recharge of the capacitor. The second line shows the capacitor usage for all modules being active versus the peak capacitor recharge, as well as a rough estimation of the stable percentage, if it can be achieved. Entering Simulation mode allows to set which modules should be considered active and permits a more detailed capacitor usage simulation.

    This section shows the offensive capabilities of the weapon hardpoints fitted on the ship, as Damage per second value as well as their alpha strike capacities (the volley damage of the fitted weapons).

  • This section shows the number of hitpoints for Shield, Armor and Structure of the ship, as well as the respective damage resistances for each layer. The “Effective Hitpoints” (ehp) value acts as an indicator on how much damage needs to be applied to the ship before it is destroyed, assuming all damage is done against the lowest resistance of the respective layer.

  • The “Targeting” section shows the locking range as well as all sensor related information, which influences locking times as well as how easily the ship can be scanned out or jammed.

  • “Navigation” gives information about the various maximum speeds as well as its mass and inertia modifier, which affects the ships turning agility as well as the alignment time into warp.

  • This section provides Drone relevant information for the selected flight of drones, such as the Damage per second, available and used Drone Bandwidth as well as the Drone Control Range provided by skills and modules.

  • This shows the estimated market value for the ship itself as well as the current fitting. The actual market price when buying the items may differ. Clicking on the icon after the value will open a multi-buy window to buy the ship and all items listed in the current fitting.
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