Jump Activation Cooldown and Jump Fatigue

If a character jumps to another system using a Jump Drive, Jump Bridge or Jump Portal, he or she will gain a “Jump Activation Cooldown”, which prevents another jump via Jump Drive, Jump Bridge or Jump Portal for as long as it is active, as well as accumulate “Jump Fatigue”.

The length of the Jump Activation Cooldown depends on the distance covered by the jump, as well as the remaining Jump Fatigue at the time of the jump. The jump activation cooldown timer will at least be 1 Minute + distance jumped but will increase further the more jump fatigue is present at the time of the jump. An active Jump Activation Cooldown preventing is indicated by a red timer:

Jump Fatigue accumulates with every jump after the jump activation cooldown has been calculated. While Jump Fatigue will not prevent another jump, it will remain active much longer than the jump activation cooldown and will build up exponentially with each further jump, thus further increasing the length of subsequent jump activations cooldowns. Several jumps in short succession as the Jump Activation Cooldown expires will thus quickly build up. Jump Fatigue will be shown by a blue timer if it is active:

Jump Fatigue will not build beyond 5 hours and the Jump Activation Cooldown will not exceed 30 Minutes.

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