Skill Extractors and Skill Injectors

All characters with a minimum of 5.5 million skill points may use Skill Extractors to extract skill points from their characters. Using a Skill Extractor subtracts 500.000 Skill Points from your character. Once a Skill Extractor is used, it produces a Skill Injector item and places it into your Item Hangar, from where you can trade or sell it on the in-game market.

Skill Extractors are available through the New Eden Store for PLEX and may be sold by players for ISK on the in-game market.

Extracting Skill Points:

To extract skill points from your character, right click on the Skill Extractor item in your Item Hangar and select “Activate Skill Extractor”.

A window will open where you are asked to select the skill or skills of your character you wish to extract skill points from.

A character will have to have 5.500.000 Skill points minimum in skills to be able to extract skill points as it is not possible to extract skill points below 5.000.000 Skill points. Unallocated skill points DO NOT count towards those 5.500.000 SP and cannot be extracted until they have been applied.


Please note that skills marked with a yellow lock icon, as shown above, cannot be extracted. These are usually locked because they are requirements for other trained skills. Once all skill points from the skills requiring the locked skill have been extracted, it will become available for extraction.

Simply drag the skill or skills you wish to extract points from to the top of the window where it says, “Drag Skills Here to Extract”. Once ready, the box color changes to yellow and the text now reads “Extract”.

Click on the yellow “Extract” button and a Skill Injector item will be placed into your Item Hangar. You will be notified of the successful operation with the following message:

Usage Limits:

  • You must be docked and in a capsule in order to use Skill Extractors.
  • You cannot extract skills that are prerequisites for other skills that you have (unless those skills are also fully extracted) or prerequisites for skills in your skill queue.
  • You cannot extract skills that are currently training or in your skill queue.
  • While the account is in Alpha Clone State, characters may only extract skills requiring Omega Clone State.


Their use is irreversible, and Customer Support is unable to reverse extraction of skill points, as such any removal of skill points is the responsibility of the player using the extractor.


Injecting Skill Points:

The Skill Injector in your Item Hangar is now be available for use. You can sell it on the in-game market, trade or give it to other players.  Alternatively it can be simply activated it on the same character to move skillpoints into other skills, although the character will not receive all extracted skillpoints back in that case, the amount received when using the skill injector differs between characters and is based on their overall skill points:

  • 0 to 5 million Skill Points at time of use = 500.000 unallocated Skill Points
  • 5-50 million Skill Points at time of use = 400.000 unallocated Skill Points
  • 50-80 million Skill Points at time of use = 300.000 unallocated Skill Points
  • 80 million or more Skill Points at time of use = 150.000 unallocated Skill Points

Overall skill points are the sum of allocated and unallocated skill points. So, if a character has 4.501.000 Skill points before injection and two skill injectors are used, the amount of skill points he will receive are 900.000. The first skill injector will add 500.000 SP, but as it brings the total amount of skill points to 5.001.000, the character is over the limit and only receives 400.000 SP from the second injector accordingly.

There also are Daily Alpha Skill Injectors available from the New Eden Store or on the player market. These can only be used by Alpha Clone characters once a day and will add 50.000 unallocated Skillpoints to the character.

Selling or trading the Skill Injector can be done the same way as with every other in game item and the same rules apply to it on the market as any other item there.

To inject the skills into a character is done by right clicking on the Skill Injector and selecting “Activate 1 x Skill Injector” which prompts the following message:

The unallocated skill points in your character sheet should update accordingly:

You can then apply those to any skill you have as explained in the Unallocated Skill Points article.

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