Item Exchange Contract

Item exchange contracts are formalized trade deals where an item is exchanged for ISK or for another item. To create an item exchange contract, right click on the item you intend to contract and select 'Create Contract'.


Make sure the contract type is 'Item exchange'. If the contract is intended for a single pilot or for a specific corporation, select 'Private' for availability. If the contract is available to everyone select 'Public'.


Type the name of the pilot or corporation you wish to issue the contract to and click 'Next'.




 Confirm the items you wish to contract in this window and select 'Next'.



The third window allows you to set a price for the item and the contract duration. You can request ISK as payment or an item of your choice. If you request an item in exchange for the item or ISK you are providing you tick in the box 'Also request items from buyer' and type in the name of the item you wish to receive and the quantity.

The contract duration can be up to four weeks. Click 'Next' when you are ready to finalize the contract.


The last window displays the contract as you have set it up. After you have reviewed it, select 'Finish' to issue the contract. You can cancel your outstanding contracts at any time.



You can create a new contract directly from the Business section in your NEOCOM menu.



If the location of the contract is destroyed or unanchored while the contract is outstanding, the contract is cancelled and its items are moved to Asset Safety, unless the location was a structure in a wormhole system.

Asking for Items in an Item Exchange contract (Want to Buy)

It is possible to also ask for items to be provided to complete the contract. To do so, the check box "Also request items from buyer" needs to be checked. The contract creator can then specify the item type as well as the amount to be delivered in order to complete the contract.

The contract system will only accept repackaged items for these contracts, which have to be located within the hangar of the station the contract was created on. This means that it is not possible to request fitted ships, blueprint copies or researched blueprints to be delivered into a contract.

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