EverMarks are the primary currency used for purchasing cosmetic emblems for ships and Capsuleer-owned stations. With EverMarks, pilots can customize the appearance of their prized possessions or represent their corporations or alliances in the vast New Eden universe.


How to earn EverMarks

EverMarks are the Loyalty points rewarded by the Paragon NPC corporation in exchange for completing missions given by IRIS, Paragon's primary representative and agent.

IRIS can be contacted in any Paragon station, and will request that Capsuleers complete various missions using specific ship types. Once these missions are completed, the pilot will be granted EverMarks which they can then use to purchase cosmetic emblems from the loyalty point store in Paragon stations.


How to Use EverMarks

Once acquired, EverMarks can be spent in any Paragon station scross New Eden. Within these stations, Capsuleers can exchange EverMarks for emblems which vary in price depending on the class of ship they are made for. 

EverMarks can also be used by pilots using the SKINR tool to create nanocoatings for Upwell structures and ships.

You can read more about all the currencies in EVE here: 

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