Auction Contracts

Auction contracts offer items up for bid in order to be sold to the highest bidder. They differ from Item Exchange contracts in the following points: 

  • Bidding on the contract will not immediately deliver the item, unless a buyout has been specified and has been taken.

  • Upon auction completion, neither the item nor the money will be delivered immediately. Both, the seller and the buyer, will have to claim money and item respectively in order to complete the auction contract.

  • If the location of the contract is destroyed or unanchored, the contract will change as follows:
    • If the contract hasn't been finished, it will be cancelled. The items will be moved to the Issuer's Asset Safety unless the location was a structure in a wormhole system. Bids, if any, will be returned to the bidders.
    • If the contract has been finished, but the items or ISK were not claimed yet, they will be claimed automatically and items will be moved to Asset Safety unless the location was a structure in a wormhole system. 

If the auction contract receives a bid shortly before it expires, the auction will be extended for some time to allow other bidders to react. Additional bids within that timeframe will extend it again.

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