Capsuleers of New Eden rely upon a wide variety of currencies to acquire goods and services, pay for maintenance and upgrades, or to share between other pilots.

This freedom of choice also means that Capsuleers should be up to date on what each currency can be used for and what kind of activities they should pursue in order to gather more. Take a look at the entries for each currency listed below and make use of the links leading to individual topics in greater detail.



ISK is the primary currency in New Eden and is nearly ubiquitous in its usage by Capsuleers across space.

It can be earned through nearly every activity and then used to make purchases on the market, pay for services, or traded in exchange for favors.

You can find a more in-depth explanation of where to get ISK and what you can use it for here:


PLEX is a premium currency that can be purchased with real money from the EVE Online store or for ISK on the player market.

Players can use it to upgrade from Alpha to Omega clone status, purchase services like character transfers and skill extractors, or sell for ISK on the player market.

More details about everything PLEX related can be found here:

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points are earned by completing special tasks for the many NPC corporations across New Eden, and can be spent to purchase special items that cannot be acquired through other means outside of the player market.

These items include faction ships, modules with increased statistics, powerful implants, and even blueprint copies that allow Capsuleers to manufacture rare goods themselves. 

Read all about Loyalty Points here:


EverMarks are the currency with which Capsuleers can purchase a range of cosmetics to place on the structures or ships they control, either to represent their corporation and alliance or just as a fashion statement.

EverMarks are earned by completing special missions for the Paragon NPC corporation which require the use of specific ship types in order to complete.

Begin your path towards cosmetic brilliance by reading the article below:

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