Loyalty Points


Loyalty Points (LP) are a type of currency that Capsuleers can earn by participating in Incursions, engaging in Factional Warfare, or by completing missions offered by specific agents. Here's a detailed overview of Loyalty Points, how to earn them, and how to use them:


How to Earn Loyalty Points


New Eden is full of NPC agents populating nearly every station in every system. These agents may be willing to reward dedicated Capsuleers with Loyalty Points from the corporation they belong to in exchange for completing various tasks.

The kinds of missions Capsuleers may be offered depends on the type of agent they speak to, and the rewards they receive can be increased by training the Connections skills.

Factional Warfare:

Capsuleers can sign up to fight for the Empire of their choice in factional warfare by joining a militia. While in Faction Warfare systems, pilots can earn Loyalty Points for capturing complexes, winning battles, and completing missions.

The amount of LP earned depends on the system's contested status and tier level.


Incursions are large-scale PvE events where groups of Capsuleers band together to defeat swarms of NPCs. Incursions can be extremely challenging and can potentially provide a great source of income to experienced pilots.

Successfully completing incursion objectives grants will grant LP and ISK.


How to Use Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points can be spent in the Loyalty Point Stores of the corporations which granted them and each corporation offers unique items and services in exchange for LP.

For example, LP from the Minmitar Republic can be used to purchase Republic Fleet ships and items while Caldari Navy LP can be spent on Caldari related items.

Loyalty Point stores include many items such as:

  • Faction Ships
  • Faction Modules
  • Implants
  • Blueprint Copies
  • Cosmetic Items

How to Spend Loyalty Points

  • Dock at a station where the corporation has a LP store.
  • Open the LP store through the station services menu.
  • Browse through the available items in the LP store.
  • Spend your LP along with ISK (and sometimes other required items) to purchase the desired items.


Tips for Maximizing Loyalty Points

  • Train skills like "Social" and "Connections" to increase the amount of LP you earn from missions.
  • Progress to higher-level missions for increased LP rewards.
  • Ensure your ship and fitting are optimized for the type of missions or activities you are undertaking.

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