Purchasing PLEX through Account Management or from Third Party Resellers

PLEX are quite versatile items. They can be used to:

  • Purchase or gift items in the New Eden Store, such as:
    • Game Time
    • Multi Character Training Certificates
    • SKINs and apparel for a character
  • Sell it in the in-game market for ISK.

PLEX can be purchased directly from the Account Management pages or from a number of resellers as "PLEX Activation Codes"(PAC). A list of current resellers can be found here.

The prices of the PLEX packages depend upon the currency used (EUR, USD, GBP, RUB). Not all payment methods are available for PLEX purchases.

PLEX purchased through the Account Management pages, as well as PLEX received through PLEX Activation Codes, will be delivered directly into the PLEX vault of the account.

CCP offers a variety of PLEX packages from the Account Management pages, but players wishing to purchase 150,000 or more PLEX at once should send an e-mail to PLEXSales@ccpgames.com for further information on bulk purchases.

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