War Notifications

War Notifications are sent out to members as well as all shareholders of the corporations involved in a war. Notifications will be sent out under the following circumstances:

  • Declaration of War
    This marks the start of the war and fighting may occur 24 hours after this notification.
  • End of War
    The attacker (the entity who declared the war) ended the war or did not pay the war fees, or the defender surrendered. This notification marks a 24 hour cool down period, during which fighting may still occur.
  • A defending corporation in a war joining an alliance
    A corporation that is involved in a war as defender (had a war declared against them) may join an alliance. At the time the corporation joins the alliance, after the application process is completed, the war will switch to the alliance. If the war of the joining corporation is in cool down at the time the join up completes, this will be the case for the alliance war as well, with no change to the cool down period.
  • A corporation leaving an alliance in war
    A corporation leaving an alliance will receive a new war with the other party, having the same end dates. This war will have to be extended independently of the war that the alliance has been involved in if it is to be continued.


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