Roles and Grantable Roles


There is a variety of roles available within a corporation, each role enabling specific sections of the corporation management or specific accesses for the player that has received the role. They are separated into various themed group types for easier assignment. For a full list of available roles see the Roles Listing.

Grantable Roles

Each role except for the CEO and Director role can be assigned to a player as a "Grantable Role" as well. Setting a "Grantable Role" will not give the player the benefits of the role itself if he has not received the actual role through other means but gives them the ability to assign the respective role to another member of the corporation. As such, a "Personnel Manager" having the grantable role "Starbase Defense Operator", but not the role itself, could still assign the "Starbase Defense Operator" role to other members of the corporation without being able to take control of starbase defense structures himself (unless he gives the role to himself first). Directors will automatically have all grantable roles as well.

Grantable roles are assigned by clicking the check box again after setting the role, to have it crossed:

Grantable roles are also assignable to titles the same way as normal roles.

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