Roles Listing

Roles are compartmentalized into several themed groups that can be selected within the role management.


Contains roles for tasks relating to the general corporation management

  • Accountant
    Read access to all corporation wallet logs and the full corporation asset listing, as well as the ability to pay bills. Also has full access to the "Corporation Deliveries" section of the inventory.

    The role does NOT grant take access to corporation wallets, this will have to be assigned separately.

  • Auditor
    Can access the "Auditing" tab within the "Members" section of the corporation management to review role assignments and removals from corporation members

  • Brand Manager
    Can create and apply SKINR to Upwell Structures.

  • Communications Officer
    Allows setting a message of the Day within the corporation chat channel (also alliance chat channel where applicable)
  • Config Equipment 
    Can deploy and configure Containers and all deployables except Starbases, Upwell Structures and sovereignty structures in space in the name of the corporation
  • Config Starbase Equipment 
    Can deploy and configure Starbases and sovereignty structures in space in the name of the corporation. Does not apply to deploying Upwell Stuctures, which require the "Station Manager" role to be deployed.

  • Contract Manager
    Can create or accept contracts in the name of the corporation using the corporation wallet for any fees or other costs/profits that may apply. This role is NOT required to accept contracts that were assigned to the corporation, which can be accepted by each member of the corporation in their own name (paying all fees out of their own wallets).

    This role does not grant access to the Corporation Deliveries section, which would receive items from contracts that were accepted on behalf of the corporation. The Accountant or Trader role is required as well in order to remove items from Corporation Deliveries.
  • Diplomat
    Can fully manage the corporation contact list
  • Director
    Includes all other roles and can assign any roles (other than the director role) to members of the corporation. This role can only be assigned or removed by the CEO
  • Fitting Manager 
    Can fully manage corporation fittings

  • Junior Accountant
    Read-only access to all corporation wallet division balances, bills, and to the "Corporation Deliveries" section of the inventory.
  • Personnel Manager 
    Can accept applications from other players to the corporation.

  • Starbase Defense Operator
    Can take control of Starbase Defenses (Weapon Batteries etc.) of Starbases owned by the corporation. Not required to take control over Upwell Structure defenses, that access is regulated by the structures profile.

  • Starbase Fuel Technician 
    Access to the fuel bays and silos of corporation owned Starbases. Not required for Fuel/Fighter/Ammo Bay access of Upwell structures, as that is access is regulated by the structures profile.
  • Project Manager
    Create, close, and delete corporation projects. To be able to create project with payouts, they need to have access to one of the corporation wallets as well.


Station Service

These roles revolve around management of Outposts and access to various station services:

  • Factory Manager
    Allows management (set up, delivery or cancellation) for corporation jobs, even those installed by other members of the corporation. Also allows the listing and use of all corporation owned blueprints within the "Blueprints" tab of the Industry window, independent of corporation hangar access. Proper "Take" Access to the respective Hangars or containers is still required for any job requiring input materials.

  • Rent Factory Facility
    Required to be able to start manufacturing jobs on behalf of the corporation.

  • Rent Office
    Required to be able to rent offices for the corporation. Manually unrenting offices requires the Director or CEO role.

  • Rent Research Facility
    Required to be able to start research jobs on behalf of the corporation.

  • Security Officer
    May view the contents of hangars from other corporation members inside NPC stations where the corporation owns an Office. This does not allow the removal of items from those hangars.

    Viewing corporation member hangars is not available on Upwell Structures.

  • Station Manager
    Has access to all management options of Upwell Structures in possession of the corporation, such as editing reinforcement day and time, the structure Biographies as well as profiles used by structures. Also allows deployment of Upwell Structures for the corporation.
  • Trader
    Has full access to the "Corporation Deliveries" section of the inventory and may create market orders on behalf of the corporation 


Those roles determine the ability of taking funds from the respective divisional corporation wallet.



Determines the take/view access of the respective divisional hangars (1 through 7) of the corporation.

  • Query 
    Allows the viewing of the contents of the respective hangar therein. Without additional "Take" role for the same hangar, nothing can be removed from that hangar or its containers.

    The role does not permit opening of containers to check their contents.
  • Take 
    Allows removing of items located within the hangar, as well as opening any containers in the hangar. Without the "Query" role, it is not possible to list anything within the hangar. Industry jobs can still verify and take the necessary materials from hangars (and their containers) that have the "Take", but not the "Query" role.

    This role does NOT allow removal of containers from the hangar, "Container Take" access is required for that or to request container passwords (see below), but the role will permit opening the containers and removing items located inside them if not prevented by further settings of the container, such as such as access or unlocking passwords.
  • Container Take 
    Determines the ability to remove containers from the respective divisional hangars. Also allows requesting container passwords. 

It is always possible to move items into a corporation hangar division independently of roles by dragging the items onto the corp hangar entry within the inventory tree.

Location Identifier for Hangar and Container Access

The "Hangar Access" and "Container Access" roles each come in three types, allowing a more granular security for the corporation headquarters as well as any office that a member is based out of:

  • HQ or Headquarters
    Sets the access roles for the corporation hangars of the office located in the station, which is set as headquarter for the corporation (if present).
  • Base or Based at
    Sets the access roles for the corporation hangars of the office that has been set as base for the respective member.
  • Other
    Sets the access roles for all other corporation hangars not covered by "(Based at)" or "(Headquarters)". This, by nature, always includes ALL Starbase structures with corporate hangars, such as mobile laboratories, assembly arrays and corporate hangar arrays.

The "Base" roleset will always be used for the station that has been set as the base of the character receiving the roles and will also override the "HQ" roleset if the base of the character has been set to same station that the corporation uses as headquarters.

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