Cerebral Accelerators

Cerebral Accelerators are Booster items that give various bonuses and increase attributes of capsuleers in New Eden, effectively increasing skill training speed temporarily. The various versions of cerebral accelerators differ only in the duration and the strength of the bonuses given when used. They are most commonly available as rewards during several events.

Cerebral Accelerators persist through death and are attached to the character rather than the clone, so clone jumps and pod losses will not affect the training speed or stop Cerebral Accelerators from working.

Cerebral Accelerators that are available during an Event also have a limited lifetime and usually expire shortly after the event ends, so players are encouraged to sell or use them when they get them in a working condition, rather than stash them away. The expiration date of such accelerators can be found within the attributes in the accelerator's information window.

Standard, Advanced and Prototype Cerebral Accelerators can sometimes be available through offers. These three accelerators differ from the event cerebral accelerators in that they do not have a fixed expiration date. Instead, these accelerators can only be used on new characters and become unusable for characters older than 35, 14 or 7 days, respectively.

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