Container and Wreck Ownership

Attacking a Container or Wreck

Cargo containers and wrecks are considered valid property just like drones and ships. If a player damages either, they are initiating aggression on its owner. If this attack does not occur under legal circumstances, then this will warrant CONCORD response. Examples of illegal engagements are as follows:

  • The attacked entity is not the players own property
  • It is a corp members property, where the corporation has friendly fire marked as illegal
  • It belongs to a member of the same fleet

These rules do not apply when salvaging wrecks with a Salvager Module, as outlined in the "Salvaging" article.


Stealing from a Container or Wreck

When a player attempts to take or move items from containers or wrecks in Empire Space, they will first need to partially disable their safety. Doing this will however flag the player with a suspect timer


Who owns what, and when?

The ownership of containers/wrecks depends on the situation they were created in. The possible circumstances are as follows:

  • When an NPC is killed by a player, the player who did the most damage to it gets ownership of any loot containers that may drop and of the wreck left behind by that NPC. The only exception to that are NPCs in missions, their wrecks and dropped containers are always assigned to the character that accepted the mission the NPCs are part of, independently of who destroyed them.

  • When player ships are destroyed, any containers or wrecks created from them are assigned to the ship's owner.

The white/blue designation simply means that the container or wreck can be looted without acquiring a suspect flag, not the ownership over the wreck.


When taking is not stealing

If the player does not own a container or wreck, they may still have an implicit right to take from it. However, this is only if the owner of the container:

  • Has given the player a personal standing of 10.
  • Is in the same player corporation as them.
  • Is in the same fleet as the player (and is in the same solar system as the player).
  • Has set their wrecks as "available to all". This allows anyone to take from their wrecks and cans without any consequences. Wrecks marked this way appear blue on the overview, rather than the usual yellow or white.
  • Is a legal target to the looting character, like the owner of the container being flagged as a suspect or being in a limited engagement with the looting character.
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