HyperNet Relay


The HyperNet Relay is an enjoyable new method of selling items where almost anything can be traded at any time, from anywhere, and by anyone.


The HyperNet Relay may not be available to players in certain territories. It can also be disabled by player request through a support ticket. If available, the HyperNet Relay can be opened from the Neocom menu, within the "Finance" folder.


Creating an offer


HyperNet offers can only be created in NPC stations. Public HyperNet Offers can be reviewed withing the browse tab. A search function is available to look for a specific item. Each offer consists of a set of purchasable HyperNodes, each representing an opportunity to receive the offered item.

Repackaged items, Blueprint Copies, Ancient Relics and Abyssal Modules can be offered on the HyperNet Relay. Containers or any items containing other items of any kind (i.e. fitted ships) are not permitted. To create an offer, a number of Hyper Cores is required which act as a broker fee, and a sales tax is paid on completion of an offer. Both amounts depend on the total value of the offer itself:

HyperCores: The total amount of HyperCores required is determined by the offer value as well as the current estimated market value of PLEX. These have to be paid with the creation of the offer and are not refundable.

HyperNet Relay Fee: 5% of offer value. This fee is only due once the offer successfully completed by selling all HyperNodes and will be deducted automatically from the offer payout.


Once a HyperNet offer has been finalized, it cannot be canceled or removed and will remain open until all nodes of the offer have been purchased, or the offer duration expires. If an offer expires before all HyperNodes were purchased, the buyers of any purchased HyperNodes will receive a refund of their ISK and the offered item will be returned to the creator of the offer. HyperCores spent on creating the offer will not be refunded.

HyperNet offers can be set up as private offers. This means that only players with a direct link to the offer will be able to participate in the HyperNet offer. Someone with access to an offer can simply drag and drop an offer into the chat to share the link to the offer.

PrivateHyperNetOffer_EN-US.png ShareOfferLink_EN-US.png  

Buying HyperNodes


HyperNodes of an offer can be purchased by simply clicking on one, and then clicking once again to confirm the purchase. HyperNode purchases are updated in real time and are assigned to whichever character confirms the purchase first. Any purchased node will show the name of the character owning the node, an ownership transfer of a node to another character is not possible.


 Using the "Buy multiple" option, players can purchase multiple nodes at once. This will purchase the first available nodes of the offer until the requested amount has been reached, or no further nodes are available. Once a HyperNode purchase is confirmed, it is final and can not be refunded unless the offer expires without all nodes having been bought.



As soon as all HyperNodes are purchased, the HyperNet Relay will select one node at random and the owner if that node will then be able to claim the offered item at their leisure. The claimed item will be located at the station the offer was made. Other participants in the HyperNet offer can review the offer in their history tab to see the name of the character that owned the node which was picked as the receiver of the item.



Reviewing past offers


The History tab of the HyperNet Relay will show offers for the past three months that the user has created, or participated in. Unclaimed offers can be viewed in the History tab, clicking on the HyperNet offer will give the option to claim the item.




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