PayPal is a widely available payment method for players who may not have access to other payment methods or want to use the funds available on their PayPal account. All PayPal payments for account subscriptions will be recurring payments. 

Please note that Paypal is currently not available for EVE Online customers in Turkey and will not be available for customers in Japan after 30/06/2024.

Held payments

While PayPal payments usually clear immediately, in some cases PayPal may hold funds for a payment for a variety of reasons, resulting in the payment being shown in a "Pending" state after the payment has been initiated. If such a payment does eventually clear and switch to "Paid", it may happen that game time is not properly attributed to your account and Customer Support needs to be contacted in order to correct the situation.

Payment Disputes

PayPal offers customers the option to dispute payments made on EVE Online accounts. Disputing a payment will result in the suspension of the associated EVE Online account, independently of any remaining game time.

CCP encourages all players to contact EVE Customer Support before any dispute action is taken, to resolve the matter without having to resort to account suspensions.

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