Direct Debit

Direct Debit allows payments directly from your bank account without the use of a credit card. This payment method is available to customers in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

Using Direct Debit to add game time will set up a recurring payment, automatically extending the account with the selected payment plan once the game time has run out. The automatic game time extension of the account can be cancelled at any time by accessing the Account Management pages and selecting "Cancel Subscription" from the "Game Time" menu.

Players who do not wish to set up a recurring payment for their accounts can use the "SOFORT" payment method to add game time to their accounts with single payments, if other payment options are unavailable to them.

Direct Debit Chargebacks

On occasion, Direct Debit payments may be charged back for a variety of reasons. Should this occur, the account that the payment was made for will be disabled, independently of the remaining game time added to the account by other means. We suggest that players who have been informed about a charge back by their bank wait until the account deactivates before adding any further game time to the account, as it may take a few days before a charge back notification arrives in our systems and the account will be disabled. Should you have added additional game time after a charge back, please contact Customer Support to have this game time restored after the account has been disabled.

After a charge back, Direct Debit will not be available for payments on the account again until the option is being reopened by Customer Support following an investigation. However, all other available payment methods remain usable.

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