CCP Bible - Playing EVE & developer conduct policy

The 'CCP Bible' is CCP's internal company policy on employee conduct regarding proper use of development tools, and playing EVE Online as players. In interest of full transparency to the community, the document is enclosed below:


CCP Bible - Playing EVE & developer conduct policy

CCP employees are strongly encouraged to play EVE - there is no better way to understand our product and the needs of our customers than hands on experience. As custodians of the EVE universe there are a few things we need to keep in mind when playing EVE, and also a handful of restrictions - much of it can be summed up with "Be professional and never ever cheat!". This policy details the rules & guidelines we require you to follow.

CCP staff are also encouraged to pursue positive interactions in their gameplay. Ideally your interactions with players will be positive for both you and our customer. This doesn't exclude PVP! keep in mind that as a player it can in a way be a magical moment of sorts to blow up or be blown up by a CCPer!

So go out, have fun and don't be a dick (smile)

Account Policy

CCP Employee Accounts

CCP Employee Account refers to all accounts operated by CCPers on production servers, including Dev and Player accounts.

  1. CCP Employee Account login details must be kept secure at all times. Under no circumstances can any CCP Employee accounts be shared with third parties.
  2. All CCP Employee Accounts should be registered with the employee's CCP email address.
  3. Characters may not be transferred to or from CCP Dev Accounts or CCP Player Accounts without IA approval. Contact IA if necessary.

CCP Dev Accounts & CCP Dev Characters

CCP DEV Account refers to all accounts used for development/work purposes on production servers, including Dev & GM accounts.

  1. CCP Employees get one CCP Dev account for server work and forum posting.
    1. Employees should pick a Dev name / handle in accordance with the EVE Online Naming Policy.
    2. Additional CCP Dev accounts are only created when required by the job.
    3. Each CCP Dev account is limited to one character unless there is a specific need for multiple characters.
  2. CCP Dev Characters should:
    1. Be members of the appropriate CCP corporation & alliance.
    2. Have the appropriate character name prefix (CCP or GM).
  3. CCP Dev accounts must not be used for regular gameplay on production servers with the exception of organized CCP events (i.e. Dev fleets / roams).
  4. Testing should be performed on test servers whenever possible.
    1. If gameplay must be tested on a production server, care should be taken not to interfere with regular players. 
    2. Dedicated test accounts can be set up by IA as needed so employees do not need to use their own player accounts for testing. See 'Single Use Accounts' section.
  5. Developer characters should not hold any items or in-game currency on production servers unless specifically needed.
  6. Contact IA with your desired Dev name / handle to create a Dev account.

CCP Player Accounts & Characters

CCP Player Account refers to all gaming accounts used by employees, including complimentary accounts, any extra accounts paid for by employees and 'Single Use Accounts'.

  1. Normal EULA and TOS rules apply to CCP Player Accounts.
  2. CCP player accounts are subject to extra internal rules as detailed in this policy.
  3. CCP Player Accounts may be used for normal game play only. They are not to be used for work-related purposes of any kind.

New Employee Player Account Policy

Depending on their involvement and profile within New Eden, new CCP employees may be required to temporarily cease use of their EVE player accounts when they are hired.

  1. The accounts remain closed for a period of three months.
    1. Employees may start new CCP Player Accounts during the three month period.
    2. Once re-opened, the account will be granted 3 months worth of unallocated SP.
  2. Particularly prominent & highly influential characters - especially characters involved in higher levels of in-game politics - must in all cases retire from this aspect of the EVE meta-game during employment at CCP.
    1. On a case-by-case basis, these characters may have to be retired indefinitely during employment at CCP. Under these circumstances, employees are provided with a replacement character by undergoing a witness protection process.

Complimentary Accounts

Contact IA to set up your accounts & make use of these perks!

  1. Employees are eligible for 5 complimentary CCP Player accounts for their own use.
  2. Each complimentary CCP Player account is eligible for one free Multi-Character training slot.
  3. Employees may grant a friend or family member a free Omega subscription on one EVE account. Granted on a 1 year renewal cycle.
  4. Character transfers & skill extractions are restricted on complimentary CCP Player accounts (SP can be injected).

Player identity as a CCP employee

The identity of an employee's CCP Player Character(s) is anonymous by default. An employee can however choose to publicly reveal their identity as a CCP employee.

  1. Employees can mix and match public & private characters. I.e. an employee can have two anonymous characters and three public characters.
  2. It's up to the employee to decide how public they want to be.
    1. Being public can mean anything from telling a select few people about your employment at CCP (i.e. your close friends or corp recruiter), to full outwards transparency.
    2. It's up to the CCPer to set these boundaries and enforce them. If you wish to remain relatively private, have that conversation with your friends up front.
  3. Never mention another employee's in-game identity in any way - it is up to each employee to decide the terms of his/her own anonymity.
  4. Contact IA first before going public.
    1. Characters are vetted to ensure other CCP staff who want to remain anonymous aren't inadvertently outed through previous association.
    2. Characters that have been members of CCP-only corporations - or participated in CCP player character fleets / roams - may need to undergo a witness protection process before going public.
    3. See Going public procedure for full details.
  5. Once a character is public, it generally cannot go back to being anonymous. Witness protection can be offered in exceptional circumstances (i.e. severe harassment)

Single Use Accounts

Single Use Accounts are temporary CCP Player Accounts that are intended to facilitate CCPers engaging in & experiencing playstyles that aren't compatible with their standard Player Accounts.

  • Example use cases:
    1. CSM member offers a Dev to join a particular activity for insight into how the feature is used. The Dev can use a Single Use Account to participate without revealing the identity of their Player Accounts
    2. Dev wants to get hands on experience with a particular activity on a production server but lacks SP to meaningfully engage with the feature.
  • Single Use Accounts:
    • Will be provided with enough SP upon creation to meaningfully engage with the feature / playstyle in question.
    • Can be provided with ships / assets on a case by case basis.
    • Are not literally "single use". They are created for a single purpose and they should never be used outside of their intended purpose.
    • Are not long-term player accounts. A single use account is closed once its purpose is fulfilled. A general timeframe for using the account is established upon creation.
    • Have the same character transfer / skill extraction restrictions as regular CCP Player Accounts.
  • Employees should have no attachment to these accounts and they should not be used outside of their intended purpose.
  • ISK & assets provided on account creation cannot be traded or otherwise intentionally circulated in the economy. This doesn't apply to ships (and items dropped) in legitimate combat.
  • IA can provide Single Use Accounts by request.

Ethics Policy

Most of the following should be common sense and can be summed up with:

  1. Be professional!
  2. Never cheat or otherwise misuse your position as a CCP developer.

Public Communications

Developers who've chosen to publicly reveal their identity must take extra care! You are a representative of CCP and anything you say may be understood as such.

  1. Follow the CCP Social Media Guidelines at all times when communicating on your player character.
    1. Take particular note of the 'Representing CCP or as CCP affiliated employee on Social Media and Forums' section.
    2. Follow these guidelines both in-game and out of game when interacting under your player identity.
  2. Always be professional & respectful towards our customers
    1. Never joke about "dev hacks" or otherwise having any kind of advantage over other players.

Keep work & play separate and avoid having deep work-related discussion while on your player character. Even with the best of intentions, it's not a good look if certain in-game organizations are perceived as having special insight into upcoming features or bug fixes due to CCP Dev membership.

  • Redirect players to official channels when probed about work related matters, such as suggestions, feature requests and questions like "when will this bug be fixed?".
    • Don't discuss announced but unreleased features. Point to dev blog(s) & forum discussion threads instead.
    • Direct players to the in-client bug report form, support help center and forums.
    • Remember you can always state: "Sorry but I am not working now, I'm playing in my free time."

Insider Knowledge & Developer Tools

Developer Tools refers to all development and support tools used by CCP employees, including but not limited to ESP.

  1. Employees may not use Developer tools, access or inside knowledge to take any action involving:
    1. Their own player accounts.
    2. The accounts of their in-game or real life associates, friends, family members or adversaries.
  2. Upcoming unannounced tweaks and changes can under no circumstances be shared outside of CCP.
  3. Developer tools should only be used for work purposes. Under no circumstances should Developers tools such as ESP be abused to satisfy personal curiosity or look up information that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay. Including but not limited to:
    1. Customer information protected by GDPR.
    2. Corporation / character inventories and ship fittings.
    3. Corporation / character evemails
    4. "Alt Accounts" of users.
      1. Respect the privacy of your co-workers. Do not look up the player identity of another CCPer if they haven't openly shared it.
  4. Only employees working as Game Masters or other sanctioned Live Server activity as part of their job, may have ESP running while logged on with their player characters.

Gameplay Ethics & in-game activity

CCP Employees:

  1. May under no circumstances exploit insider knowledge of the game & upcoming features/balance changes, or Developer tools to further their own or their friends' gameplay.
    1. The in-game market is no exception. Profiting on the market thanks to insider knowledge is not allowed.
    2. Large scale market manipulation is also off limits for CCPers.
  2. Should stay firmly away from any other 'gray areas' in their game play that could arouse suspicion of bias or corruption. The rule of thumb is: 'If in doubt, don't do it!'
  3. Should not get deeply involved in the EVE meta-game. Employees that are prominent & influential figures within CCP‘s virtual worlds will retire from higher levels of in-game politics while employed by CCP.
    1. CCPers should make an effort to experience and immerse themselves in the sandbox while leaving the task of shaping the world to our community.
    2. Essentially employees that wish to be involved in one of the big power blocs should do so as line members.
  4. Can not engage in the following activities which may erode trust in CCP:
    1. Scamming
    2. Corporate theft
    3. Spying / espionage
  5. May never use their employment at CCP to intimidate, pressure or influence players, nor as leverage of any kind (social / political / material).

Here are a few clarifications on activities which may sound restricted, but CCP Employees can engage in:

  1. Participation in any warfare (0.0, low- /high-sec, wormholes)
  2. Leading fleets (FC).
  3. Holding position as CEOs or Directors.
  4. Non-consensual PVP

IA Monitoring & Penalties

  • CCP Employee Accounts:
    • Are monitored and audited by IA. Reports of potential CCP Developer misconduct are also investigated by IA. 
    • May be frozen if a routine audit raises suspicion of potential misconduct.
    • May be frozen during investigations into credible reports of employee misconduct.
  • In case of a verified breach of the EULA/TOS, regular penalties will apply to CCP Player Accounts - Warnings, temporary or permanent bans will be applied as appropriate according to standard procedures.
  • In case of serious infractions (such as verified cheating or misuse of insider knowledge and Developer Tools), further disciplinary measures - up to and including termination of employment - may also be taken by CCP.
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