EVE Online Content Creation Terms of Use

At CCP Games, we know that our community is one of the most imaginative and dedicated gaming communities out there, and we are always in awe of what your creativity can produce. We want to enable you to push the boundaries of your imagination when creating content around our games that has the power to enrich the experiences our universe offers.

Normally, you would need a license or prior written permission to use any of our stuff as indicated in the End User License Agreement. However, to support your efforts, we offer CCP intellectual property (hereinafter “CCP Content”), including, but not limited to, images, in-game footage, story-lines, characters, or other assets from our games (i.e. EVE Online, EVE Echoes, EVE: Valkyrie, EVE Gunjack, Sparc, DUST 514) to be used by our players (hereinafter “You”) to create content, subject to some conditions. Lots of CCP Content can already be found in our public media library.

The following Terms of Use and subsequent FAQ are designed to provide creators with a list of conditions that must be followed when taking advantage of CCP Content to create unique content for the community.

  • Non-Commercial – your content must be available free of charge to everyone and cannot be blocked behind a paywall or premium subscription. You also cannot receive direct profits from sales of said content or its ownership unless you receive prior written permission from CCP. Ultimately, this is still our stuff that you are looking to use; we need you to get creative.
  • Monetization – you can monetize the content by generating revenue through appropriate passive advertisement, e.g., pre-roll video ads, website ads, sponsor ad overlays. Soliciting personal donations or offering subscription-based content is also permissible, as long as a) this does not interfere with everyone’s ability to view the content, b) is in line with the terms of use of the platform used, and c) features unique content created by you in the form of commentary, gameplay, graphics, animations, or cosplay.
  • Giveaways – if any in-game assets are used in giveaways to promote the popularity of your content or brand, there must be full parity between users who are viewing the content for free and those who are subscribed, and all viewers of content must have the same access to giveaways and the same chance to win prizes regardless of any subscription fees paid. In situations when CCP have sponsored the rewards (digital or physical), you must, in addition to the above, disclose this information conspicuously to all participants by adding a relevant description to your videos, stream titles, or other places it makes sense.
  • Official Trademarks – you are permitted to use our official CCP trademarks only when they remain unchanged, meaning that you do not stretch, deform or modify them in any way. You must include an appropriate disclaimer on any content that could be construed as the work of CCP by a) including the following wording: ‘This material is used with limited permission of CCP Games. No official affiliation or endorsement by CCP Games is stated or implied.’, and b) making the origins of the intellectual property very clear; in other words, make sure that from a brief review of your material people know that the intellectual property being used for a non-commercial purpose is CCP’s intellectual property (and not your own IP or the IP of a third party).
  • Terms of Use – CCP Content cannot be used in any way that violates our general Terms of Service. It must also be in line with the terms of use of any third-party platform your content is created for.
  • Other Creators’ Work – this is pretty straight forward: respect other members of the community who are dedicating their time to create engaging content and never use their work without obtaining relevant permissions first.
  • Right of Removal – We also reserve the unconditional right to request the removal of any user-generated content for any reason solely at our discretion. Even if this is a very unlikely scenario we are required to reserve such right.

Lastly, we may update the Content Creation Terms of Use anytime, and it is your responsibility to check for any changes regularly.



Can I use any of the official assets I find in your games and on the website?

Yes, you can. Our goal is to make the rules around content creation simple and easy, so you can spend more time doing what you love rather than thinking if you can. As long as you don’t infringe on the above rules, you can go wild with creating meaningful and entertaining content for the community!

Can I create my own CCP Games themed merchandise?

While we love to see players creating themed merchandise for personal use, creation of any merchandise for commercial purposes that will generate revenue is prohibited and infringes on our intellectual property rights. You can find a full offering of official EVE related merchandise over at the EVE Store.

If you would like to discuss a commercial partnership or want to obtain a license to sell CCP products, please contact us on info@ccpgames.com.

I am organizing a player gathering and would like to create goodies for attendees or promotional items to make the event more awesome! Can I do it?

Player gatherings are what our community does best, and helping event organizers transcend the virtual boundaries of our universe by creating meaningful experiences in real-life is paramount to us. Please send us an email on communityteam@ccpgames.com with your ideas to start a dialog about how CCP can help you with your meet up.

I want to use CCP Content for sub badges or themed physical items to recognize my most dedicated paying supporters. What is your stance on that?

We want you to be able to recognize those that have been supporting you the most. You can, on occasion, gift your active paying supporters something nice or use CCP Content as an inspiration to craft sub badges, supporter tags, or logos. However, having a standard set of digital in-game rewards or themed physical goods offered as an incentive to subscribe is not allowed at this time.

I want to print a 3D model of one of your ships or other iconic objects from EVE Online universe for personal use. Can you provide me with high-quality in-game models?

With 3D printers becoming more easily available for non-commercial use we have been amazed by the number of beautiful models members of the community have produced. Unfortunately, we do not share additional files on top of what is already available.

I am a third-party app developer. Does the same content creation rules apply to my work?

Due to the way third-party tools can interact with the game and the community, we have an additional set of separate guidelines and a license agreement designed with developers in mind. For more information, please read the Third Party Policy and visit our third party developer portal.

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