Player Redemption

In 2020 as part of the annual GM Week event, Team Security introduced the Redemption program. While our EULA has stayed the same, the penalties for bans can be reconsidered under certain circumstances.

If you have been permbanned you can appeal for redemption by sending an email to and start the process of review. Please provide as much information as you can and why you feel that you should be reinstated. Appeals will only be accepted from the player who has been banned permanently, and requests to lift penalties for others (friends/relatives/neigbours/corpmates) will be disregarded.

Even though some pilots will be able to rejoin the EVE Online community again, bans for serious offenses will continue to be upheld, as protecting the health of the game and the community remains of paramount importance to us. The following actions remain expressly prohibited and will still result in a permaban if the allegations are substantiated:

  • Serious, targeted, and credible personal harassment and/or doxxing
  • Real-Money Trading and repeated botting
  • Extreme and repeated racism and/or hate speech
  • Serious in-game exploit abuse
  • Other serious, malicious activities included in the Real-Life Harassment & Threats Policy
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