Community Fittings


Community Fittings are new-player friendly ship fittings submitted by players and chosen by CCP and ISD volunteers. These fits serve as a starting point from which young Capsuleers can learn and grow.


Finding Community Fittings


To search for Community Fittings,

  1. Click the Fitting button on the NEOCOM
  2. Click on the Browser button in the fitting window
  3. Click on the Community Fittings filter
  4. Browse through the current community fittings!

If you find a fit you like, you can save it by clicking the "Save As" button below the fittings list.



Submitting New Fittings


If you would like to submit a fit for use as a Community Fitting, you can do so on the EVE Forums.

  1. Navigate to the Community Fittings section of the EVE forums
  2. Find a thread corresponding to the ship you are fitting
  3. Follow the guidelines posted at the top of the thread
  4. Post your ship fit, its purpose, and why it is effective

Accepted fits will be regularly added to the client in batches and threads calling for new fits will be added as time goes on.

If your fit is added to the list of Community Fittings, your name will be featured along with the fit in-game.


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