Hitpoints in Kill Report vs. Effective Hitpoints


Players may see a disparity between the Effective Hitpoints of their ship and the amount of damage that their ship reportedly received, in a kill report. Effective Hitpoints are an estimation of the damage that needs to be applied to the ship taking into account the various resistances of the ship. The damage shown on a kill report will only show damage that was applied to a ship once it passed through the resistances.

An example of this can be a ship which has 200 hit points and 80% resistances. Assuming that each shot at the ship deals 100 damage it would take 10 shots to destroy the ship (100 damage at 80% resistance = 20 actual damage being applied to the ship). The Effective Hitpoints of this ship would be represented as 1000 hit points (damage that needs to be applied to deplete hit points to 0) . However the kill report may only show 200 damage being applied to the ship which is the actual damage applied after it passes through resistances. 

This is why players may feel that their ship was destroyed after less than sufficient damage was applied to it.


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