The Conduit Loop

The systems within the Triglavian region of Pochven are connected via Triglavian stargates, known as the Conduit Loop.





Triglavian Space consists of 27 systems that were originally contained within Empire space. These systems form three constellations, one belonging to each of the three Triglavian Clades – Perun, Svarog and Veles.

Triglavian solar systems belong to different classes dependent on their positioning within the Triglavian region. Those systems that border another Clade are called Border systems. Those at the core of a Clade’s territory are Home systems. The remaining are Internal systems. Risk and reward for capsuleers entering these systems increases as they approach a Clade’s Home system.

Standings Requirements

The Triglavian Collective only allow the free movement of capsuleers they feel have proven themselves worthy by gaining positive standings. Travel through the Conduit Loop is dependent on a capsuleer’s Personal Standings. Capsuleers may freely travel through the Border and Internal conduits but will need 7.00 standings to enter Home systems.

Standing thresholds are based upon the destination system, not the system a capsuleer is jumping from.

  • Home threshold: 7

It is possible to access Triglavian Space by other means, either through wormholes or Triglavian Space Filaments.

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