Out of Game Harassment

Real Life Threats / Police Requests

Any threats against a player's life are taken extremely seriously. Any credible, confirmed threats that happen within the game will result in a permanent ban for the offender.

If a player is subject to a threat of harm outside of the game, we strongly recommend that the player reports the threat to their local police.

CCP Games will co-operate with any information request from police regarding threats of real life harm towards our players. Any such requests can be made to support@eveonline.com by the police. 


Social Media 

Players who encounter harassment outside of the game are advised to report the harassment to the administrators / owners of the channel the harassment took place. Links to where players can report harassment for the more popular third party applications and social media platforms can be found in the 'Reporting harassment on third party platforms' section of our Real-Life Harassment & Threats Policy.



EVE Online Forums

If a post on the official EVE Online forums is in violation of the forum guidelines, players can flag the post to bring it to the attention of the moderation team. 

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