Mutaplasmids are items which can enhance the attributes of modules they are applied to. They can be obtained from Abyssal Deadspace sites and come in three tiers:

  • Decayed
  • Gravid
  • Unstable

The higher tier Mutaplasmids will have a higher potential positive or negative effect on the module they are applied to. The specific modifiers are shown in the "Attributes" tab of the information window for each Mutaplasmid. The Mutaplasmid can be used on all variations of the module they are for are and a list may be found in the "Used with" tab of the information window.


The Mutaplasmid can be activated from any personal location, whether that is a hangar or ship cargo, the module to apply the Mutaplasmid to can be dragged into the window from anywhere local you have access to. Once the desired Mutaplasmid and module have been selected, and the "Mutate" button pressed, the new attributes will appear in the window and the mutated module placed where the Mutaplasmid was located originally. Once mutated, it is not possible to revert the module back to its original state.


Mutated items have a red tag with a white, upwards pointing triangle in the top left corner to indicate their mutated state. These items cannot be repackaged nor sold on the market as each mutated item is unique and one of a kind. The information window for the mutated module will display the new attributes compared to the original ones as well as which character created the mutated module originally.

As mutated items are unique and can be vastly different to each other, it is highly recommended to double check the information window for the item before completing any trades involving mutated items.

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