Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core (P.A.N.I.C.)

The Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core (P.A.N.I.C.) is a new defensive superweapon available exclusively to the Rorqual Industrial Capital Ship. It allows the Rorqual to make itself, as well as its allies, invulnerable for a short time. The activation requires an asteroid to be locked and causes a Weapons Timer for the user.

For the duration of this invulnerability, affected ships will be unable to warp and the effects make weapons (including drones) as well as Entosis Linking ineffective. As such, the module is a tool to buy time for reinforcements to arrive rather than securing a getaway. When affected by a P.A.N.I.C., a ship will also not be able to dock, cloak or jump in any capacity for the duration of the effect. Any ship that is within a forcefield of a starbase or tethered to a structure will not receive the effect.

Only one of these modules can be fitted to each Rorqual and using it will burn the module out. Once activated, the module cannot be stopped again and will protect the Rorqual as well as the following ship types within its range:

  • Industrials
  • Deep Space Transports
  • Mining Barges
  • Exhumers
  • Industrial Command Ships
  • Blockade Runners
  • Expedition Frigates
  • Ventures


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