Skill Requirements

Most items within the game have a certain skill requirement to be used, or in case of skills, to be trained. Those requirements are shown within the "Requirements" tab of the item information window.

The tab shows the directly required skills for the item, while each indentation of skill entry represents the prerequisite skills of each skill. In the example below, only the skills "Black Ops" and "Minmatar Battleship" are required on the listed levels to fly this ship, all other listed skills are merely the prerequisite for those skills to be trained:


Various symbols show the current status of the character in regards to the skills:

  • Fulfilled.PNG - A checked off and greyed out skill fulfills the prerequisite requirements and requires no further training.
  • required_Injected.PNG - A small blue dot in front of a required indicates that the skill has been injected already, but is not yet trained to the required level. 
  • required_NotInjected.PNG - A blue book in front of a skill name indicates that the respective has yet to be injected to the character's skill list.
  • lvl5_withOmega_untrained.PNG - Small, unlit squares on the right side of the skill requirement list also indicate skills that have not been injected. The number of squares shows the required skill level, and yellow squares require Omega Status to be trained, whereas grey squares can be trained with the current account status.
  • lvl5_withOmega_trained.PNG - Large, lit squares indicate fully trained levels of a skill. A yellow large square means that the skill level has been trained, but is not available on an account in Alpha state. These turn white as soon as Omega time is added to the account.
  • lvl3_required_partialtraining.PNG - Half filled squares show a partially trained, but not yet completed level of the respective skill.
  • in_queue.PNG - Blue squares show that the respective skill level has been added to the skill training queue. 

Each skill that still requires training will have an estimated training time listed, giving an indication on how long it takes to complete the training of the skill to the required level, if the current character attributes remain unchanged. The "Total Training Time" given on top of the skill requirements shows the sum of all required training times.

Hovering the mouse cursor over a skill within the skill listing for a while will open a tooltip, giving a more detailed breakdown for the selected skill:


If training is possible, the skill can be also be added to the skill queue directly from the tooltip.

Skill Injection

Any skill can be injected into a character on an Omega account. However, the skill will still require its prerequisite skills to have been met for it to be trained. An example of this would be a character who injects the Minmatar Destroyer skill but has Minmatar Frigate either missing or at level I. Although they have the Destroyer skill injected, they will be unable to train it until they acquire level III of the Minmatar Frigate skill.

Note that prerequisite skills cannot be removed via skill extractions if dependent skills have been trained. As an example, if a character trained Minmatar Destroyer, they cannot remove skill points from their Minmatar Frigate skill and bring it below the required level III through skill extraction.

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