A scam is what happens when someone takes advantage of a players misplaced trust, temporary confusion or ignorance of game rules, and robs players via legal in-game means. When this occurs, there is nothing the Support Team can do for the victim. Although low and despicable, scams do not violate any game mechanics and can not be compensated for by the GMs, nor can the scammers generally be punished for their actions.

However, scams that affect areas outside of the game may not be tolerated in the same manner, such as, but not limited to:

  • Scams involving Character Transfers, mainly via the Character Bazaar where scamming is explicitly forbidden
  • Scams mimicking services provided by CCP while providing modified data via third party websites
  • Scams using exploits (fake or existing)
  • Scams involving the "PLEX for Good" campaigns
  • Scams that encourage the mark to purchase PLEX in order to acquire the ISK/Items
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