Rookie Griefing

Getting started in EVE Online can be somewhat daunting for new players or rookies. Several systems in which new players typically start are deemed 'Rookie System' and in these systems (listed below) a measure of protection is offered to new players. 

This protection also extends to systems in which 'Career Agents' are located and as well as to systems associated with The Blood Stained Stars - Sisters of EVE Epic Arc.

Attempting to abuse a new players lack of knowledge of the game and its mechanic for your personal gain or simply for their harm is prohibited in these solar systems. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Tricking new players into situations where you or others may open fire on them freely
  • Stealing or scamming ISK or assets from them
  • Hindering a rookie's progress in completing the Tutorial / NPE Arc

Stealing or scamming ISK or assets meant for Rookies is likewise covered by this policy within these systems.

Players are advised to reconsider any aggressive action against new players in the following systems:


Starter Systems

  • Amarr
    • Chaven
    • Sehmy
    • Emrayur


  • Caldari
    • Kisogo
    • Todaki
    • Amsen


  • Gallente
    • Duripant
    • Bourynes
    • Cistuvaert


  • Minmatar
    • Ammold
    • Ryddinjorn
    • Hulm

Career Agent systems

  • Amarr
    • Deepari
    • Pasha
    • Conoban


  • Caldari
    • Uitra
    • Jouvulen
    • Akiainavas


  • Gallente
    • Couster
    • Clellinon
    • Trossere


  • Minmatar
    • Hadaugago
    • Malukker
    • Embod


Sisters of EVE Epic Arc

Given the variety of systems this arc can take place in, players are asked to refrain from any form of griefing to rookie players (30 days old or less) in mission sites and systems associated with the arc. Such griefing involves but is not limited to; destroying, stealing or ransoming mission critical items.

This Epic Arc mainly leads rookies to the following systems:

  • Arnon
  • Manarq
  • Tar
  • Harerget
  • Hatakani
  • Chainelant
  • Hek
  • Lustrevik
  • Tanoo
  • Lisudeh
  • Sosh

Disregarding warnings to cease such behavior from authorized CCP personnel is considered to be in violation of section 6 of the Terms of Service. Any player who violates the Terms of Service may be subject to disciplinary action.

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