System Travel - Warping



Warping is the main method of travel within a system. A warp to an object in the system can be initiated by:

  • clicking and holding on the target object, then selecting "Warp To.." from the ring menu

  • clicking on the object, then clicking on the warp button within the "Selected Items" window: 

  • right clicking an object in space or within the overview, then selecting "Warp To" from the right click menu:

  • Holding the "S" key pressed, then clicking on the bracket of a warp target either in the overview, or in space:

A ship needs to align towards its warp target and accelerate to at least 75% of its current maximum velocity in order to enter warp. The time needed for this alignment can vary quite a bit and is influenced by many factors, such as the agility of the ship (represented by the Inertia Modifier), its mass and its current vector of flight relative to the warp target. The time for the alignment that is available within the "Navigation" section of the fitting screen for a ship is measured from a warp command given while the ship is at a full stop, to the point where it enters warp.

While the ship is aligning into warp, it can still be targeted and attacked. If the ship is successfully warp scrambled during the alignment phase, the warp will automatically cancel and the ship will not proceed into warp. Target locks on the ship will only be broken once the targeted ship has fully entered warp.

The minimum distance to be able to initiate a warp is 150km to the warp target. Most objects that are listed on the overview can be warped to if they are far enough away, but there are some objects that the warp drive cannot lock onto and which cannot be warped to:

  • Other ships that are not in the same fleet
  • NPCs
  • Containers or wrecks not in possession of the warping character or a fleet member

Some mission and exploration sites can also prevent warping within their area. Attempting to warp within such an area will be prevented due to natural phenomena, but it is still possible to warp from within such an area to another celestial object or bookmark within the system, outside of the no-warp zone of those sites.

Establishing Warp Vector

After giving a warp command, the ship will establish a warp vector, aligning itself to it's destination. During that process, an indicator will show how close to the warp vector the ship is. Once the bar is filled, or after 3 minutes have passed without any other external Warp Disruption, the ship will warp to the selected destination.



Warp variance

When warping, the warps exit point is determined at the time of the warp command. The exit point will be set to the distance to the warp target given with the warp command, unless it is affected by Warp Disruption Fields. The warping ship will come to a stop somewhere within a radius of 2500m around the exit point, and as such may potentially fall short of docking perimeters, even when warping directly (0m) to a station to dock at, as the warp exit point will be placed on the 0m-mark of the stations docking perimeter. If a ship exits warp outside the docking perimeter, it will have to approach the station before docking is possible.

DockingPerimeter.pngThe ring of lights around a station or structure indicates its docking perimeter

The default "Warp To"-Distance can be set by right clicking the "Warp To" button within the "Selected Item" window, while a warpable object is selected. This will also set the default distance for both the ring menu as well as the right click menu entry.

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