Homefront Operations

Homefront Operations are a set of opportunities allow Capsuleers to fleet up and fly together for joint rewards. Homefront Operation sites can be accessed through the Activities section of the Neocom and are found under "Opportunities".

Once you have the Opportunities window open, you can sort by Career or simply hit "View all" which will display all available Opportunities while also displaying how far they are from your current location.


Each Homefront Operation requires a group of pilots covering specific roles from hacking to hauling. Be warned; unlike most other sites, Homefront Operations can be lost if your team fails to meet its set objective. 

Using the Fleet Finder will allow you to find other players that would like to run these sites and perhaps, fleet up with you for great rewards. Below, you will find a list of the new Homefront Operation sites as well as their requirements for completion.


  1. Abyssal Artifact Recovery: 
    Valuable artifacts buried within asteroids have emerged from Abyssal rifts. However, they aren't all that has made its way to the cluster. Break apart the asteroids and grab whatever you can before the dwellers of the Abyss overwhelm you.
  2. Suspicious Signal: 
    Your target is protected by an array of specialized emitters. While they're active, it is invulnerable. Hack the array to temporarily disable these defenses and give yourself a chance to take out the target. 

  3. Dread Assault:
    An allied Dreadnought was dispatched to eliminate a target. Unfortunately, hostile forces are neutralizing its capacitor and preventing it from firing. Boost its charge, keep the enemy at bay, and the dread will take care of the rest. 

  4. Raid:
    An enemy base has been found containing items your empire would like recovered. Tackle and destroy any hostile haulers that attempt to escape. Bring a hauler of your own to aid in retrieving the items from their smoldering wrecks. 

  5. Emergency Aid:
    Hostiles are attempting to destroy an allied target. Repair any damage and keep the enemy at bay long enough to secure the site. The hostile forces cannot be allowed to complete their objective. 

  6. Metaliminal Meteoroid:
    An asteroid comprised of ore valuable to the war effort has slipped into Empire space. Your goal is to mine it out before it plunges back to Abyssal Deadspace. Be careful; hostile forces in the area will attempt to disrupt and delay your efforts. 
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