Pirate Insurgencies and Aligning with Pirates

Aligning with Pirates allows players to side with the Angel Cartel or Guristas pirates and start taking part in the Factional Warfare ecosystem. The Angel Cartel and Guristas pirates have been offered an opportunity by the Deathless Circle and in exchange for paying tribute they can conduct hit-and-run Pirate insurgencies in the chaotic empire warzones.

The Deathless Shipcaster in Zarzakh will link up with a Pirate FOB located in the empire warzones. From there, pirate-aligned players can use the ship caster to be catapulted straight to the front lines where the insurgencies are happening, and start corrupting systems that are designated.

Objectives for both the pirates and the empire factions can be seen below:


  • The objective of these insurgencies is to corrupt star systems in this incursion zone by participating in pirate activities.
  • To win the insurgency, pirates must work towards corrupting a certain amount of systems in the incursion to the highest corruption stage.

Empire faction:

  • The objective of the Empire Faction is to fend off the Pirates by defending their space and suppressing the corruption built by the Pirate faction.
  • For the Empire faction to win against the pirate insurgency, their ultimate goal is to destroy the Pirate FOB.
  • At first, the FOB will be vulnerable, but after suppressing a certain amount of star system in the incursion zone to the highest suppression stage by participating in anti-pirate activities.

Aligning with Pirates:

To enlist with the Pirate factions, players must have a minimum of -2 standings against that faction or above. If pirate-aligned players engage other pirate-aligned players, their standings will decrease and they will eventually be kicked out once their standing dips below -2.

Once players have achieved the required standings, they must fly to Angel/Guristas NPC stations to enlist. (Note, gates in Zarzakh go directly to Pirate NPC systems containing a station)


The Corruption and Suppression system is essentially a tug-of-war between Pirates and the Empire factions. Players will be able to see the levels of the systems in a few ways, but when players jump into the system, they will get a prompt informing them of the effects taking place in the system and that you could be at risk.

Please see below how you can check the effects of the insurgency systems as well as where the insurgency is taking place:

  • Through the Insurgency info panel, just like the Factional Warfare map
  • Map filter on the world map in-game where you can filter for insurgencies
  • If you are in the system with an insurgency, an info panel will pop up telling you the levels of the insurgency


  • Players need to have at least -2 standings or higher to align with that specific faction group
  • Players aligned with the Empire factions will not be allowed to dock in the Fulcrum
  • Each corruption/suppression level change changes the current ongoing effects in the system
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