Missing Mission Item

Many missions require a player to recover a specific item for the mission to be completed. If you are unable to locate a mission item, or you think the item has been lost, you may be able to find it by following the steps listed below.


  1. If you can't find the item at the site, check that your overview is set to show the item in space. 
    • Right click on the active overview tab and select 'Load Defaults to Tab' -> 'All' will add all items to the overview, including mission structures which may have previously been filtered out.
    • Sorting the overview by distance could help you determine if any of the nearby entries may contain the mission item. The mission description should contain some hints as to the location of the item which may prove useful.
  2. If you picked up the mission item, but now you cannot locate it, check your asset list.
    • Check all of the holds and containers inside of your active ship.
    • Open your Personal Assets window (Alt-T) and search for the mission item.
    • Be sure to check the holds of any other ship that you may have moved the item to.
  3. If your ship was destroyed by NPCs or other players, check your killmail.
    • Open your Character Sheet,  (Alt-A) and click Interactions > Combat Log and choose "Show Losses"
    • Check any recent losses for the mission item. Grey colored items were destroyed and cannot be recovered. Green colored items were placed in you ship's wreck and may still be recoverable.


Mission Items taken by other players

It is the responsibility of the mission owner to protect any mission critical item from theft or destruction. If another player recovers the mission item before the owner of the mission, then the mission may not be able to be completed.

You can check whether the mission item is available for purchase in the contract system, but any such purchase may not fill the requirements by the agent and you do so at your own risk.


Mission items that cannot be found, and were not destroyed or stolen

If you still cannot locate the item after following the steps listed above, and you are certain that the item was not lost or stolen, consider getting in touch with our support team for further investigation.

You can do this by clicking the "Submit a Request" link on this page, and choosing the "Agent Missions in Progress" category.

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