Industry User Interface


The Industry UI should be mostly self explanatory. The sections outlined below remain identical in their function over all activities. It is possible to collapse on half of the window to show either only the preview section (upper section), or only the list section (lower section). If the preview section is collapsed, double clicking a blueprint within the blueprint listing will reopen the preview and load the selected blueprint into it.



1: Required and Optional Input Material. Those will turn blue if the material is present in correct amounts.

2: Installed Blueprint 

3: Job Outcome display (Selectable where applicable), Selected Facility information, Input and Output location selection. The magnifying glasses at the input and output location will open an inventory window for that location.

4: Job Duration and Job Cost information. The selection in front of the Total Job Cost allows to select whether this shall be paid from the installers personal wallet or from the currently active corporation wallet.

5: Activity Selector

6: Blueprint/Facility/Jobs listing and selection area


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