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"Industry" covers all activities around blueprints and ancient relics. It forms the foundation of all manufacturing (crafting) within EVE, as many items regularly used are provided by players, from the smallest ammo to the largest ships, and involve some Industry activity at least once during their production cycles.

The Articles within this section will cover the various industry activities and their involved mechanics, the use of blueprints as well as the information their information windows provide.

Industry Activities

There are various activities that can be performed on Blueprints through Industry.

Icon Activity Job Type
Manufacturing Manufacturing
Time Efficiency Research Science
Material Efficiency Research   Science
Copying Science
Invention Science

Activities that are not available for the selected blueprint are greyed out. 

Job Types

Industry activities are separated into two job types, "Manufacturing" and "Science". A character can set up several jobs in parallel, as determined by the characters skills. Manufacturing Activities do not compete with Science Activities for their respective Job availability.

Job Type Skills required for simultaneous active jobs
Manufacturing Industry
Mass Production (+1 per level)
Advanced Mass Production (+1 per level)
Science Laboratory Operation (+1 per level)
Advanced Laboratory Operation (+1 per level)


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