Ancient Relics

Ancient relics are used to invent Tech III ships (Strategic Cruisers and Tactical Destroyers) as well as their subsystems.

The relic type determines which subsystem type blueprint copy you may receive on job success:

Icon Name Results
Power Cores Engineering Subsystems
Armor Nanobot Defensive Subsystems
Weapon Subroutines Offensive Subsystems
Thruster Sections Propulsion Subsystems
Hull Section Stategic Cruiser Hulls
Small Hull Section Tactical Destroyer Hulls


Ancient Relics may come in different qualities, which is indicated by the following prefixes. They affect the success rate as well as the base values on the subsystem or hull blueprint copy, which can be further modified by using decryptors:

Licensed Production runs
Base Success Chance
Intact 20 40%
Malfunctioning 10 35%
Wrecked 3 25%
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