Reactions are used to create the intermediate materials that are used in the production of Tech II and Tech III items, as well as combat boosters, through the use of a Reaction Formula.


Reaction Formulas work similarly to blueprints, but cannot be researched, copied or invented.

Reactions are only available in Refineries that have a reactor fitted and online, and these reactors can only be installed on Refineries that are located in systems with a security rating of 0.4 or lower. The following reactors are available:

  • Standup Biochemical Reactor: This refinery creates the chemicals used in the production of Combat Boosters and basic building components (Neurolink Enhancers, Neurolink Stabilizers, Isotropic- Alpha-3/Beta-6/Gamma-9) by combining different Cytoserocin, Mykocerosin, and Fullerite gases in the case of Isotropic Neofullerene reactions with other materials.

  • Standup Composite Reactor: Reacts moon materials to create processed moon materials; the intermediate materials used for Tech II production.

  • Standup Hybrid Reactor: Converts Fullerite gases into the advanced materials required to produce Tech III Subsystems and ships.


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