Chat Channel Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

We would like to direct your attention to the Website Terms of Use, particularly Section 6: Chat, Bulletin Boards and Other Submissions. In addition to the terms set forth there, patrons of our chat channels should also observe the following rules.

    1. Be respectful of others at all times.
      The purpose of our chat channels is to provide a platform for the exchange of information. Occasionally, there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Be courteous when disagreeing with others. It is possible to disagree without being insulting.
    2. Be community-minded.
      Express yourself in ways that are constructive and will help to foster the growth of the community. A free exchange of ideas is essential to building a strong sense of community and helpful in the development of the game.
    3. Personal attacks are prohibited. Commonly known as "flaming," personal attacks are statements which are designed to personally berate or insult another. Text of this nature is not beneficial to the community spirit and will not be tolerated. Corporation, faction members and other players are cautioned to avoid allowing an "in character" dispute become an "out of character" personal attack. The game is designed for role playing and/or portraying a role and it is sometimes easy for tempers to flare when the lines between the virtual world and the real world are crossed. Keep ingame disputes out of these channels, please.
    4. Trolling is prohibited. "Trolling" is the phrase used to describe a remark which is deliberately designed for the purpose of angering and insulting the members of the community. Comments of this nature are disruptive and will not be tolerated.
    5. No sharing of personal information. For the safety of our players, we prohibit the exchange of personal information such as phone numbers and addresses in the channels.
    6. Private communication between EVE personnel and representatives (including game masters and volunteers) and the channel patrons is not to be made public in these channels, on our forums or elsewhere.
    7. Mutings, kicks, warnings and bans are not to be discussed. Such matters shall remain private between CCP and the user. Questions or comments concerning moderation methods will be conveyed through private messages only, and only with the parties involved.
    8. Immediate banning from a channel may result from any of the following: discussions regarding pornography or inappropriately gruesome and/or hideous subjects; discriminatory remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive; excessive obscene or vulgar language; the discussion of illegal activity; or providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned.
    9. Spamming is prohibited. "Spam" is considered to be a repetitive display of the same text again and again in an effort to aggravate other channel patrons. Using all caps is also considered spamming and not permitted.
    10. Off Topic (OT) discussions and casual conversation should be kept to a minimum. In order for questions and information to be relayed more efficiently and in a timely manner, channel patrons are asked to refrain from using these channels to socialize, particularly during peak hours. We also request that certain topics (religion and politics, especially) be avoided. Inevitably, conversations of this nature have a tendency to result in heated arguments and flaming. Please use common sense when discussing OT themes and be considerate of others.
    11. Impersonating another channel patron, volunteer or CCP employee is strictly prohibited and may result in the permanent revocation of your channel access, temporary suspension or permanent banning of your account.
    12. "Newbie" bashing will not be tolerated. New players are encouraged to participate in these channels. Observing the conversations in Help Channel or #eve-chaos is a great way for those who are new to EVE to ask questions and learn more about the game. All patrons are expected to be polite and encouraged to be helpful and courteous in their responses.
    13. You should join irc using the name of your ingame character, and ensure no corp tag is displayed within #eve-chaos.

To report a problem user or to register a complaint, please file a petition or e-mail Customer Support.

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