Command Nodes Event

When a structure is disrupted with an Entosis Link during the Vulnerability Window of its owning alliance, it goes into reinforced mode for approximately 48 hours. It will exit reinforced mode at a randomly selected time during the next vulnerability window. When it exits this reinforced mode, the Command Node Event will begin.

How does the event work?

Five Command Nodes will initially spawn in random systems within the constellation where the reinforced structure is located and have an equal chance of spawning in any system, regardless of who holds sovereignty over them. These nodes can be captured with an Entosis Link, the same as with other structures, with each captured node adding 5% progress in the constellation-wide tug of war for the control of the reinforced structure.

Where are the Command Nodes?

The Command Nodes are visible on the Overview and named after the structure with which they are associated so they are easily recognizable. As the event progresses, there is a chance that more than five nodes will spawn and whenever a node is captured by one side, a new node will spawn immediately elsewhere in the constellation. Command Nodes are limited to 5 within a single system and 20 within the whole constellation. Multiple Command Node Events can occur simultaneously in the same constellation if more than one sovereignty structure exits their reinforced mode in close succession. Each event works independently of each other and capturing a node for one event will not affect another.

Do Defenders gain any advantage?

If the reinforced structure has an owner, then they are considered the Defender side whereas everyone else outside of the alliance is considered an Attacker. Players outside of the alliance cannot assist in defending the structure with an Entosis Link, as they will contribute to the Attacker side. Furthermore, the Activity Defense Multiplier governing the system where it is located will apply to each of its associated nodes as well even if they are not located in the system.

How long will the event last?

The Command Node Event will continue to run indefinitely, and the structure remain contested until one side is victorious. If the event continues throughout downtime, then the progress is saved in its current state until the server is back online and continue as normal. Once the event is finished, all remaining command nodes despawn.

What happens when one side wins?

If the defenders are successful, then the structure enters a Secure state and remains so until the vulnerability window of the next day.

If the attackers are successful in an event for a Territorial Claim Unit or Infrastructure Hub, then the structure will explode, and new structures can be deployed by anyone.

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