Test Servers - Singularity and Others

EVE Online can be played on several different servers which serve different purposes. Different servers can be selected within the launcher, if those servers are available to you.

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Test server rules

Please read the test server rules before logging to any (semi-)public test server.

Customer Support is not available on any test server. Enter at your own risk!


Public test server: Singularity

The public test server, Singularity (or Sisi), is open to all players during test events. Character information is replicated (mirrored) to the Singularity server every few months, but keep in mind that if your account got created after the last replication, you will not be able to access the server.

Gameplay mechanics and playing environments may be quite different from what you're used to on Tranquility. Here, the world is constantly changing.

In order to access the Singularity server you need to have an account on Tranquility. The account needs to have been created before the time when the current mirror was taken. The account state will be the same as it was when the mirror was taken.


There is an ingame channel named Singularity where players on the test server exchange information. You may also find volunteers and developers there. 

The local-channel of M-OEE8 is also a good location for finding other players, volunteers and developers.

Getting moved and other commands

Please read the list of player commands you can use in the test servers here.


The process of "mirroring" consists of taking an exact copy of the Tranquility database, including character and account data, like a snapshot. This copy is then processed by the CCP Deployment team and all starbases are removed in order to prevent players from spying on their positions and then using this information on the live server. Basic moon minerals are available in all moons, to help testing and prevent moon scouting on the test server.

All accounts are edited so they don't expire. Standing and Loyalty Points are removed. Science and Industry jobs are removed (because jobs in starbases would get stuck). All assets of structures are moved into asset safety. The market is seeded so that all market items cost 100 ISK and are in plentiful supply. At least one station per constellation is market seeded like this. In addition there are some other internal adjustments. This entire process can take up to 3 days, then the Singularity server is open for public.

After a mirroring process, the Tranquility and Singularity databases are separate and distinct and no synchronization between them will occur until the next mirror is taken from Tranquility and deployed on Singularity. Character progression on Singularity will be independent of Tranquility - players can effectively train two different sets of skills on the same character, if they so wish. Actions taken on the Singularity server will not affect your account or character on the Tranquility server.


Other Test Servers

Event server: Thunderdome

Thunderdome is an event server operated by our Community team and not by QA. It is sometimes used for tournaments.


Non-public test servers

CCP operates several other test servers beside Singularity, but these additional test servers are not accessible by the public. Most of them are for developing and testing new features, while other servers run older versions of EVE and are used for reference. (for example to verify when a specific bug was introduced)

Well-known non-public test servers:

  • Multiplicity is normally used for hotfix testing and usually runs the Tranquility code. In the past it was sometimes used for public tests, but this is no longer needed.
  • Chaos is an internal development test-server and many new features are tested first on this server. Chaos was a public test-server many years ago.
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