EVE anywhere

EVE Anywhere refers to our online browser play feature. 

This feature is available in certain regions to Omega accounts for free or to Alpha accounts for a fee of 30 PLEX.

EVE Anywhere is still in Beta so there may be some issues with the correct functioning or the availability of servers.


EVE anywhere should be displaying in your accounts on our website after pressing “Play now” but there are some requirements that must be met. Please make the following checks: 

  • Make sure the IP location you are connecting from the United States or the country is listed in this article
  • Clear your browser cache.  
  • Make sure you are using the latest released version of any of the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox 
  • Enable pop-ups on our website. 
  • Disable any adblocking software on our website. 
  • Make sure your connection is of at least 25 Mbps. 
  • Try using an incognito/private window. 

Alpha accounts will have the option to use EVE Anywhere at a cost of 30 PLEX for 24 hours of access. This will not upgrade the account to Omega Clonestate.


If you have issues starting EVE Anywhere, you can report the issue to the Player Experience Team by submitting a ticket to our Help Center: 

Submit a Support Ticket

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